My work from home routine in the last 3 years


Because of the current pandemic, many employees are working from home now. When we moved to Virginia, I started working virtually. At the beginning, it felt strange, but over time I built a routine. 

Around the water cooler – Keep the human connection with your team and coworkers. We do blind meetings sometimes just to see what is going on in everyone’s life. We also ask questions to learn more about our team members. These types of meetingsare great when you have new members. 

Pets – Almost everyone has a pet. Is it hard to keep your cat off your desk/table or tell your dog not to bark when someone is at the door? Well, you can put yourself on mute and tell a funny joke; everyone likes pets.

Commute to home – It’s difficult to disconnect from your laptop and phone, so at the end of each day I pretend I’m in my car driving from the office back home. I listen to an audio book or podcast and turn my computer off. If the sun is out, I go for a walk or stroll on the VB Boardwalk or along the beach. 

Breaks – I use Outlook reminders to nudge myself and take short water breaks, lunch or just stand up. 

Walk and talk – I love to walk in circle around the house and talk during meetings when I’m not presenting. 

Hair – Lol. Don’t ask about my hair, but we do a lot of video conferencing, so I need to keep the curls down….unless I get upset!

I’m sure each of you will build a routine and actually enjoy virtual work-area arrangements. 

LinkedIn has made 16 LinkedIn Learning courses available for free, including tips on how to stay productive, build relationships when you’re not face-to-face, use virtual meeting tools, and balance family and work in a healthy way.

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